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Show jQuery Mobile Page Loading With Text and Spinner

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I like jQuery Mobile’s page loading spinner. When you transition between pages it displays a nice subtle spinner while the page loads, only if the page load takes more than a configured number of milliseconds.

So, I wanted to use their page-loading spinner for in-page wait times in my app. The user clicks something, I do some AJAX stuff and show them a nice spinner with a message telling them what’s going on until the results come back. jQuery Mobile has javascript functions for this called $.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg and $.hidePageLoadingMsg. The problem is, you can either show a spinner only, or a text-message only. You can’t show both a spinner and a text message, even though they clearly support it. Well, you can do that if you have the global setting $.mobile.loadingMessageTextVisible = true, but then you get a text with your normal page-load spinners.

I’ve created a workaround for this and included it in my library. Using this you can call:

// Params: jqm theme swatch, and message text
$.mobile.utils.showWaitBox("a", "Hang on while I do work...");
// ... some time later...

That will let you leave the standard textless page-loading spinenrs alone, but be able to show a nice themed wait box with a spinner while your app is doing something the user needs to wait for, that looks like this:

To use these methods, download the JavaScript or CoffeeScript version of the library from the project’s github page and include it in your jQuery Mobile page after is loaded.