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Moving On

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Last week I resigned my position as CTO at Balassanian Enterprises.

Those of you who know me know that this is huge. I’ve been working closely with the founder, Edward Balassanian, for a long time. It’s been spread over multiple companies and an array of varying products, but it’s always been a shared ethos with the same core group of people that has defined that period of my career. Leaving that behind feels a bit like an emotional breakup. Such a big part of my professional and personal identity was wrapped up in how we worked together, what we built, where we’ve been, and our vision of the future. We put everything into it.

It’s also a bit like leaving home to explore new worlds.

I didn’t leave because of some falling out or because of “creative differences”. I think Edward and the team at Balasannian Enterprises have brilliant ideas and an exciting work environment. Some of the best minds in software development, product design, intellectual property, and creative strategy work there.

I left because it is time for me to do something different. My motiviation has always been driven by the pursuit of autonomy, mastery, and purpose. That hasn’t changed. It’s the way I’ve been going about it that needs to change. I feel the need for fresh inspiration, new relationships, and a different variety of opportunity.

How will I achieve that? I have no idea.

There are so many options; it’s a bit daunting. I have some ideas that I might like to pursue on my own. I have some great contacts in the industry that are working on some really cool and BIG problems. It would be awesome to align with them. There are some exciting companies in my own backyard working on building the future and there is a vibrant, growing community of tech startups here in the Seattle area. I have a skill set that is in high demand on the contracting/consulting scene, and there’s always the allure of contributing on a large scale to a meaningful open source project. That kind of networking can be fun and door-opening.

I’ve committed to taking at least a month off to let it all sink in. With an open mind, I am going to explore all avenues and opportunities before crafting the path into the next phase of my career. I’m open to all ideas! Please feel free to comment below or connect with me privately. I’d love to hear your feedback.