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Professional Bio

Scott W. Bradley is a seasoned veteran of the software industry who loves to get his hands dirty building great products. With two decades of experience in software development, architecture, and leadership, he brings a unique breadth and depth of expertise to the technical endeavors of any company or project.

Scott has been at the leading edge of web technology since the early nineties. He started his career at the University of Washington Health Sciences Center, where he was published for his pioneering work in bringing interactive learning and research applications the to the emerging World Wide Web.

After earning a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Washington, Scott established himself as a serial entrepreneur building products that span a broad range of technologies such as embedded operating systems, real-time streaming multimedia, consumer electronics devices, social media websites, smartphone apps, and large scale cloud-based data analytics. These products won various industry awards and were licensed by several Fortune 500 companies including Intel, AMD, Thomson Multimedia, and Raytheon. During this time, Scott was a key contributor to over a dozen patents, with three issued patents to his name.

As CTO of Be Labs, Scott was in the unique position to lead a lean, pragmatic development team that combined best practices and tried-and-true methodologies with leading-edge technologies to bootstrap multiple consumer-facing technology startups in parallel. Employing Lean Startup principles, he was instrumental in the development of MVPs for a number of portfolio companies, such as, PostOnTheWall, and Be Raw (now Vital Juice Co.).

Over the years, Scott has been very involved in the open source software community, contributing commits to the Rails core, developing open source jQuery plugins and Ruby gems, blogging about unique solutions, and providing feedback to other open source developers. These interests have led him to get involved with local meetups such as the Seattle Hadoop/Scalability group and the Seattle CTOs Club.

Scott currently serves as the VP of Engineering at Validas, where his impact on process and best practice was critical to the rapid development and launch of SaveLoveGive – a modern, responsive-design web-app that helps users save money on their cell phone bills with an option to donate a portion of their savings to a charitable cause. Under Scott’s leadership and hands-on contribution, SaveLoveGive was built from scratch and launched in under six months to an initial media fanfare that lead to over $4 million in consumer savings within the first six weeks of going live.

Scott is always on the lookout for new opportunities to work with the greater software community, be it open source, side projects, advisory roles, or even simply professional networking. He believes this is the best way to not just partake in the future of technology, but to be instrumental in shaping it.

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